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M/S Samba

Charming private yacht with teak decks, perfectly transformed for Galápagos cruises, with guides and crew committed to making your trip unforgettable.

M/S Mary Anne

Offers a stylish and authentic nautical experience in the Galápagos, sailing peacefully with full-blown winds with the charms of the past but the comforts of today.

M/Y EcoGalaxy

Built according to ecological standards that reduce the Galápagos Islands' tourism's environmental impact.

M/Y Galaxy

Between Galápagos adventures and resting in cozy cabins, you will explore the amazing islands.

M/Y Millenium

Since its cabins are among the largest in its class, guests can enjoy the intimacy of cruising on a small yacht and appreciate the ample private space.

M/Y Coral I & II

Comfortable sister yachts with charming social areas on three decks, both indoor and outdoor, for a personalized expedition experience.

M/V Isabela II

Provides an ideal setting for exploring Darwin's islands with the most experienced and close-knit crew that receives guests always with a warm welcome.

M/Y Grand Daphne

One of the newest ships at the Galápagos, with indoor and outdoor dining spaces, bars, and a sundeck with lounges.

M/Y Anahi

A catamaran with high standards of comfort that guarantees calm navigation and relaxation with unmatched stability.

M/Y Sea Star

Privacy and comfort, this yacht is among the most spacious luxury yachts to cruise the Galápagos Islands

let's plan your trip

Fill out the form below, and we will be in touch shortly.