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Ecuador Sustainable Travel

Our Sustainable Development Program allows us to visit local projects in Ecuador Mainland. We collaborate with Civil Society Organizations, Indigenous Peoples Groups, Individuals, Local Government Offices, and Educational Institutions to promote local communities through responsible travel.


How a company treats its employees, partners, and the community determines its reputation. Social responsibility underpins everything. This includes respecting and integrating the local community and taking care of our staff, contributors, and partners. We value happy customers, staff, and community relations.


As Eco-friendly tourism companies, our tours shouldn’t affect but conserve and regenerate the environment. We follow tourism laws and have our own policies to give guests the best experience and education with the least impact. We aim to protect and to preserve biodiversity by trying our best to reach zero carbon emissions.

Awareness & Competence

Through education, cultural responsibility means respecting and supporting the cultures of the people they deal with or operate in. Recognizing and embracing diversity, fostering equality and inclusiveness, and avoiding damaging or offensive acts or attitudes that may damage cultural traditions or values.
Local Based

Economic Development

We shop locally to support fair trade and the local economy. This helps local people support their families and gives travelers actual locally made goods, enriching their vacation and fostering a healthy relationship between our company, tourists, and locals. Locally based items reduce carbon emissions by not being shipped or flown.
Our community collaborates throughout.
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Keep Exploring, Keep Protecting is our essence and message to visitors, clients, and suppliers. Galapagos Renaissance understood the relevance of environmental,  cultural, and social resources in generating experiences.

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