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The countless possibilities of visiting Ecuador Mainland with us include unique experiences and most important: visits to local based projects through our Sustainable Development Program. We work hand in hand with Civil Society Organizations, Indigenous Peoples Organizations and Individuals in coordination with Local Government offices and Educational Institutions as an extension of our operations to support local communities through responsible travel.

Social Responsability

We believe that a company is only as good as how it treats its staff, partners, and local community. For us, social responsibility is an indispensable pillar of everything we do. This responsibility starts with respect and integration of the local community in our operation and includes the well-being and fair treatment of our staff, and various contributors and partners. For us, happy staff and a good relationship with our community is just as important as happy clients and great experiences.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmental responsibility and awareness should be at the core of any company, especially in tourism. During all our tours, we not only take a sustainable approach -to “do no harm” – but we follow guidelines for regenerative tourism – where we work to actually recover the environment. We always follow all regulations of our tourism areas, and we even have our own policies in place to ensure the best experience and education for guests, with the smallest impact. We aim to restore natural habitats through various initiatives, and have set a goal to protect 500 ha. of cloud forest in the Mindo Region, preserving crucial biodiversity, as well as helping to offset our carbon budget.

Cultural Awareness & Competence

In a rapidly changing and globalizing world, it is important to respect and include local communities and cultures in tourism. The regenerative tourism movement that we believe in includes promoting well-being and education in the community, as well as providing an authentic cultural experience for travelers.

Our ongoing project, sponsors the “Biblioteca de Santa Cruz” (Puerto Ayora Public Library ) through both monetary and book donations (where guest themselves can donate books if they wish!).

Other projects involve sponsoring boat tours for local Galapagos students so they too can better experience the islands, inspiring them to also conserve and protect their backyards. We are passionate about providing an immersive experience for clients, where the local people are not only involved in the process but can benefit from and enjoy it.

Local Based Economic Development

We work hard to buy all the products that we can from small farms and businesses in our local community to help support and stimulate the local economy and participate in fair trade economy. This not only allows for local people to support themselves and their family, but it also gives tourists access to authentic locally made goods, building a deeper connection to their trip, and creating a positive relationship between our company, tourists, and local people. The other benefit to this is a lower carbon footprint; Goods that are sourced locally do not need to be shipped or flown long distances. We are committed to working with our community every step of the way.

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