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Gran Hotel León Marino

With a prime location on the boardwalk in Puerto Ayora, on the tourism and gastronomy axis, there are many options to make your Galapagos vacation more enjoyable.

Red Booby Hotel

Feel at ease in the beautiful and spacious rooms, which have a warm and natural atmosphere, as well as a friendly staff and attentive service.

Acacia Hotel

Modern facilities, a central location, and high-quality personalized service will make your Galapagos vacation unforgettable.

Ikala Hotel

Offers a customized island experience surrounded by beautiful trees and gardens. The hotel's solar energy, energy-efficient designs, central location, and top service make it ideal for business, pleasure, and relaxation in Santa Cruz.

Galápagos Suites

Founded by two local women to allow visitors from around the world to experience the Galápagos Islands in comfort.

Royal Palm Hotel

Discover the Enchanted Islands at the first Hilton Property and unique international hotel chain of the Galapagos.

La Isla Hotel

Modern and cozy rooms to relax and enjoy the islands, just 20 meters from Charles Darwin Avenue.

Angermeyer Waterfront Inn

Explore the stunning Galápagos Islands from this cozy hotel, wake up to the sea breeze, and enjoy the wonders of this natural paradise.

Montemar Eco Luxury Villas

Consists of two beautifully appointed and fully sustainable villas on 43 acres of private land on Santa Cruz Island. The property generates most of its energy, harvests rainwater, supplies from its own organic farm, and has the lowest environmental footprint on the islands.

Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel

As Santa Cruz's only beachfront hotel, this is the perfect base for exploring the islands' wildlife and creating land and sea adventures. This Galápagos hotel is the perfect complement to a cruise or a destination in itself.

let's plan your trip

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