The Ecuadorian coastal region is like a country within a country. Yet to be discovered, enjoy secluded beaches, beautiful cocoa bean orchards, fantastic weather, and exquisite local seafood only found along the Pacific Ocean.

Begin your experience with an easy walk in downtown Guayaquil, through the evergreen parks and plazas to the sparkling city promenade, one of the largest in the country. Or embark in a journey along the Pacific Ocean shoreline through fishing towns and beautiful beaches. The Ecuadorian Coast is picturesque, warm and surprisingly one of the best road trips you can take in the country.



The bustling city of Guayaquil was baptized as the “Pearl of The Pacific” by romantic explorers in the 18th century, and this is a name that stuck in the popular culture until today. Guayaquil city delightfully overwhelms visitors with its fast-paced rhythms, exuberant nature, and great weather.

Do like the locals do! Enjoy the wonderful delights of Guayaquil, from the iconic Guayas Riverside and breathtaking views from the Santa Ana Hill Lighthouse to delicious waterfront restaurants and fun family activities, such as riding the largest Ferris wheel in Latin America (187 ft-high) to get impressive bird eye views over the river and of the downtown area.



Guayaquil and its rural areas has always been the ideal place for the best cocoa beans in the world. The history of cocoa is the history of the country’s economic development. In this process the “Haciendas Cacaoteras” or “Cocoa bean Plantations” were always the center of a thriving economy for the country, which quickly became the number one export of the product in the 19th and 20th centuries. Nowadays we are thrilled to invite you to experience what daily life is like in a family-owned working hacienda that produces tree-to-bar handmade chocolate and other products of the land. Visit with us one of the best sustainable coastal hacienda farms in the region.

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