We are delighted to present to you our best experiences, through mindful discovery opportunities, culture-rich, off the beaten path and in the most unique locations, along the Avenue of Volcanoes. Our trips aim to make a difference with local communities with unforgettable journeys specially prepared for you in the amazing highlands of Ecuador.

The array of possibilities for outdoors activities in the Andes range from mountain biking, horseback riding in beautiful back country, hiking and trekking, and mountain climbing, tp whitewater rafting, fly fishing and more.



Quito is the capital of Ecuador and one of the best-kept secrets of South America. The city is well-known for its proximity to the equator and for its rich history. Some 200 years ago, the city sparked the turning point of the nation, through instilling ideas of freedom and better days for Latin America. The beautiful capital is World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO for its colonial downtown, the largest and best preserved in the Americas, and above all, is loved for the kindness and hospitality of its inhabitants.

We have designed the most exciting, insightful and interesting city tour experiences in downtown Quito and its surroundings, with exclusive access to venues, unique itineraries and activities of deep immersion in the history and culture of the city that promise only one thing, to ensure that you have the time of your life.



Leading small groups through tailor-made experiences designed to fit your needs and expectations, is in our DNA. We focus all our energy on delivering exceptional travel experiences in the beautiful southern city of Cuenca, Ecuador’s second World Cultural Heritage city by UNESCO. The charming city of Cuenca with its cobble-stone streets, plazas, flower markets, and Hispanic architectural influence is unmistakably one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

Experience Cuenca through the eyes of a local licensed tour guide, who will passionately share the history and culture of beautiful city of Cuenca.



Arriving in Otavalo’s picturesque valley, with a stunning lake situated below a perfectly cone-shaped volcano, is like stepping into a postcard. Famously known for the handicraft market in town, proud artisans exhibit a kaleidoscopic of weavings and crafts. It is this array of intense colors that has led to Otavalo’s reputation as the “rainbow market.” Textiles, rugs, carpets with typical Andean designs, hats and scarfs, as well as jewelry and ceramic handcrafts are all part of the display.



Stay with us at these marvelous historic haciendas and working farms in the Andes of Ecuador and enjoy the classic Ecuadorian rural hospitality and community ties. Taste delicious and fresh organic traditional cuisine straight from the garden, visit snow-covered volcanoes and glacial lakes, and traverse the sprawling national parks found nearby. There is plenty to lure an explorer of the great outdoors with fun and interesting activities, such as hiking, biking or horseback riding. Our selected Andean haciendas are the perfect choice to find yourself immersed in nature and create memories that will be treasured of a lifetime.

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